Get to Know the Niagara River Watershed


New York State is a Great Lakes State! This is a fact many forget, as New York also has a coastline along the Atlantic Ocean.

We are so lucky to have so much freshwater on our doorstep here in Western New York. Water is life. Even with this abundance of water, many communities have become disconnected from our water resources. This may stem from physical barriers, a lack of access or missed outdoor experiences in early childhood. Rekindling these connections to our waterways is folded into our mission, and a key component to our educational programming. So let’s take a dive into a water concept that causes much bewilderment: the watershed.

The Niagara River Watershed
  • Is located along the westernmost portion of New York State and encompasses lands that drain into the Niagara River, a channel that connects the Great Lakes of Erie and Ontario.
  • Is part of the larger Great Lakes Drainage Basin.
  • It encompasses 903,305 acres of land, 71 municipalities, 3,193 miles of watercourses, and 52,979 acres of state and federally-listed wetlands.
What Is a Tributary?
  • A river or stream flowing into a larger river or lake.